Dare to be Different

Tired of seeing BMW’s, Audi’s and Lexus’ everyday?  It may seem that everyone enjoys having the same car as their peers, it’s a safe decision. But, there are people that marches to the beat of their drums and choose Infiniti over the others.

Infiniti is the luxury division of Nissan and has been around since the early 90’s. It was until the introduction of the G35 coupe and sedan that their popularity rose. The Infiniti Q50 is the G series replacement. The Q50 has aggressive lines and wide stance that deserves attention.

Our buddy Joe chose the Q50s for the killer looks and since he’s on the road majority of the time, the V6 Hybrid was the obvious choice. Like the rest of us, Joe is a car guy and could not leave the car stock, so he installed coilovers to lower the ride height and F29 Machine Silver as his wheels. The F29 fits the bill for a clean look that compliments the car, but the directional pattern for a touch of sportiness. In a world of cookie cutters, why not be different and stand out.


Q50 (6)
Q50 (1)
Q50 (8)
Q50 (9)
Q50 (5)
Q50 (2)

Hot Hatch Attack! Steven Veloster

Hot Hatch Attack!

The Hyundai Veloster stands out for it’s unique looks and door arrangement, but the Veloster turbo packs more than just looks and delivers legitimate hot-hatch performance.  The owner of the Veloster, Steve, added some performance upgrades to increase power and improve handling.  Now with a more aggressive stance, Steve saw fit to tie it all together with a set of F23’s in Hyper Black.  Watch for this stand out Veloster, as Steve makes the rounds at both the show and track circuits.

Hasoon’s 2 Series

BMW once again delivers the ultimate in driving machines, but in a smaller package, with the 228i M Sport.  With a turbocharged 4 cylinder giving it some punch and a balanced chassis with near 50/50 weight ratio, it is the ideal package for any enthusiast.  Sometimes fun equals compromise, but the inside of the 2 series is definitely BMW quality in feel, fit and finish, giving you plenty of comfort in addition to performance.  The 228i M Sport is hard to match when looking for a mix of commuter practicality, luxury comfort and track car/canyon carving capability in one package. A set of our F18’s in Hyper Black, have a style that meshes perfectly with the 228i M Sport; and with wider, stickier rubber helps to boost it’s agility and handling to boot!


The Red Killa

In the early 80’s, Japan cranked out several fun, light and RWD cars.  In the decades that followed, those type of cars started to dwindle, turning more often to heavier, more practical FWD vehicles.  However in 2012, the introduction of the Scion FR-S signaled the return of the lightweight, RWD sports coupe that we longed for.  With the FR-S, driving became fun again; even moreso with a plethora of aftermarket modifications available to customize it to your likings.  This particular FR-S is lowered and fitted with our Teal F23’s to contrast the Carbon Creation 86-R widebody kit done up in Firestorm Red.  The modern day AE86 has brought RWD fun to a new era, and it’s never looked better!

Scion-FRS-F23-Teal-(5) Scion-FRS-F23-Teal-(4) Scion-FRS-F23-Teal-(3) Scion-FRS-F23-Teal-(2) Scion-FRS-F23-Teal-(1) Scion-FRS-F23-Teal-(9) Scion-FRS-F23-Teal-(8) Scion-FRS-F23-Teal-(7) Scion-FRS-F23-Teal-(6)

Konrad’s FRS | Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior

Konrad was in the market for a reliable but fun car to drive around for school and work. He chose the Scion FRS for its well-rounded  power and balance straight from the factory. But being a car enthusiast, Konrad just could not leave it in stock condition.  For more power, he added an intake and exhaust so the car can breath better. Coilovers were used to lower the car even more to improve the handing. For the final touch, Gold F23’s were added to compliment the car’s new personality. Konrad now drives to school and work with a bigger smile than before.

SEMA 2015

After putting the wraps on another successful SEMA show last week, we at F1R Wheels want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth!  It was great to meet so many new people in the industry, as well as reconnecting with familiar faces.  There was quite a buzz going at SEMA for F1R, with all the bright colors drawing everyone into the booth.  A special thank you also to SPS Autosport, for helping to put together the amazing GTR that also got the attention of many showgoers.  Thank you to our models as well, Jenni and Juliana, for the endless smiles and keeping things fun and lively at the booth. Overall, it was a great week, and we look forward to another fantastic year!