The Red Killa

In the early 80’s, Japan cranked out several fun, light and RWD cars.  In the decades that followed, those type of cars started to dwindle, turning more often to heavier, more practical FWD vehicles.  However in 2012, the introduction of the Scion FR-S signaled the return of the lightweight, RWD sports coupe that we longed for.  With the FR-S, driving became fun again; even moreso with a plethora of aftermarket modifications available to customize it to your likings.  This particular FR-S is lowered and fitted with our Teal F23’s to contrast the Carbon Creation 86-R widebody kit done up in Firestorm Red.  The modern day AE86 has brought RWD fun to a new era, and it’s never looked better!

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The End of an Era | Scion

The End of an Era

     Scion will be closing shop. The company represented a part of my youth and I’m kind of sad that it is done. They gave us another platform to customize or do it directly from the dealer, how cool was that?! They hosted shows such as Scion Nights, sponsored concerts and gave away a lot of goodies. They were the cool company and understood us. I myself owned a 2006 Scion tC.
Scion FRS _ F27 (10)
Scion FRS (7)
 The little brother of Toyota, Scion was created to target the younger costumers. A simplified “pure pricing”, and the ability customize your car from the dealership was their niche.Their soft release in 2003 in California created a large buzz in the auto community. It introduced to us the xA, xB, though it was only available in California. A year after the soft release, the entire country was able to purchase these new compact cars and also the debut of the tC. The xB and tC were the favorites among the tuners.
     Over the years, Scion became a household name, even attracting older generations to purchase their cars. To bring the excitement back to the brand, Scion/Toyota partnered with Subaru and created the rebirth of the RWD sports car, the FRS/BRZ. The front mid-engine, well balanced, low center of gravity, and RWD layout was popular with the enthusiasts and received many awards from the automotive community.
 Just like myself, Scion got older, the original customers got older. Priorities have changed from cars to careers, families or both. We have outgrown the compact cars and into larger, family friendly vehicles. Scion struggled to keep up with its competitors and sales plummeted. The end of the brand was determined.  Some vehicles will become Toyotas, and the rest will be discontinued. The Scion brand lasted for 14 years and in those years, I can remember the good times of being young. With Scion gone, it will be a current reminder that we are all getting older and goodbyes are inevitable. Thank you Scion for being there for the adventures that I had, goodbye my friend.

Konrad’s FRS | Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior

Konrad was in the market for a reliable but fun car to drive around for school and work. He chose the Scion FRS for its well-rounded  power and balance straight from the factory. But being a car enthusiast, Konrad just could not leave it in stock condition.  For more power, he added an intake and exhaust so the car can breath better. Coilovers were used to lower the car even more to improve the handing. For the final touch, Gold F23’s were added to compliment the car’s new personality. Konrad now drives to school and work with a bigger smile than before.