Sema 2017 | Las Vegas, NV

The most anticipated show of 2017 has finally come, the Sema Show 2017! Car enthusiasts and the top leaders in the automotive industry gather in the beautiful city of Las Vegas to witness the best of the best builds out there.

We brought in our 2017 Honda Civic Type R that was recently available to the US market. It is one of those cars that every car enthusiast have been waiting for!

As expected, we bring out new styles every year at SEMA and this year we are proud to present 3 new styles to our lineup, the F101, F102 and F103.

This Civic Type R is fitted with one of our newest designs, the F103 in Bronze.


Iconic ten spoke concave design that will pair well with any vehicle


Split five spoke design with step lip bringing back the classic look from the 90’s


Timeless concave mesh design

Rafa’s third time in a row with his FRS at Sema always keep us on our toes with different looks every year. This year, he changed it up with the widebody Varis kit and went back to its roots with the Lava Orange color. The all new F102 is featured on his car in the Gunmetal finish.


Angel’s Hyundai Genesis is truly a unique build. The widebody makes the already aggressive lines on the car stand out even more. The final touch was with his personalized F29’s.

When Sal’s STI rolled up for the feature vehicle placement, the SEMA staff handpicked his car to be featured in one of SEMA’s spotlight locations right in front of central hall and we can all see why. This touge ready STI doesn’t just lay it on the canyons, but also flaunt it at shows.

JD’s Q50 running on the F35 with the custom centercap. Unfortunately during roll out, his car got rear ended by a lifted truck due to the truck’s poor visibility :[

We can’t wait to see what Jd’s planning on the car given that it will need a new trunk, we’re kinda excited for it!

Fidel with his widebody Mitsubishi LanEvo sporting the F28 in Hyper Black gives it a classic look!


Thank you again for all that stopped by our booth! Please check out the rest of the photos here.

See you all next year!

Tuner Galleria 2016

Here in the Midwest, most car enthusiasts and tuners lock their car away or slap on snow tires for the winter. Three or Four months out of the year, we can’t enjoy our cars to their fullest. But, you know when Tuner Galleria show arrives, it has become a reminder that spring is just around the corner. The show has been around for 7 years straight and does not disappoint. Many cars and visitors from all over the midwest attend the show. It brings a breath of fresh air to see super clean show cars and awesome builds compared to salt covered vehicles. Here are a few photos from Tuner Galleria 2016 from this past weekend. The first show of the season just passed, and we are ready for more.

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